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Local and National Leaders of Education

It is an expectation that that all schools, mainstream and special, are supported by teaching school alliances and partnerships to become Outstanding schools. With a special focus on improving outcomes for children and young people with Special Educational Needs, Epinay Teaching School Partnership aims to offer schools ‘health checks’ with a Local Leader in Education (LLE) or a National Leader in Education (NLE) from the partnership.

As a National Support School (NSS), Epinay Business and Enterprise School has significant experience of supporting schools across and beyond the NE region.

Health Checks will be organised in collaboration with the school to address their particular need and could be used for a collective data review, or as teaching and learning review.

With an identified area for school improvement, we will provide advice and guidance to meet an agreed set of outcomes. By working on a range of collaborative approaches and activities with the school our aim is to have our LLE and NLE reaffirm judgements and areas of need to support SEF evidence.

Our long term aim is that through these improved outcomes, all of our schools have the expertise and capacity to be able to become full contributors to all areas of our teaching school partnership.

Specialist Leaders of Education

Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) are leaders identified by the National College as being able to provide exceptional support to schools in need within their specialist areas. SLEs have to apply through the National College and go through a selection, assessment and monitoring process before they are allowed to deliver support to schools.

Epinay Teaching School Partnership is building capacity to offer Specialist Leaders of Education in many specialist areas of supporting Special Educational Needs.

SLEs can be involved in a number of areas of partnership work including:

  • Initial Teacher Training
  • NQT development
  • Designing and delivering bespoke staff professional learning
  • Leading SEN leadership networks
  • Research and Innovation projects
  • Supporting partnership wide projects
  • Inclusion
  • School to School deployment

If you are interested in discussing any aspect of school support then please feel free to contact us for an initial conversation